The Williamson Magor Group has been operating in Eastern India for the past few decades. The Group under the leadership of Mr. B.M Khaitan believed that while it is important to earn revenue from its businesses it is equally important to do something for the community and the society as a whole.

The need to be a responsible Corporate Citizen was intrinsic in the activities of the Group and that too much before Corporate Social Responsibility became a mantra of the corporate world. With this mandate the Williamson Magor Group set up its Lotus Charitable Trust:

  • To work on a not-for-profit basis to help the society
  • To set up health centres and hospitals to inform, educate the general public about healthy living

Knowledge of Gen X and couch potatoes has brought lifestyle issues in focus. Being “fit and stress free” is assuming importance. Individuals and corporations are placing greater emphasis on fitness and stress management. In today’s competitive world it is important to unwind.

Thus, formed Solace. Solace as the name suggests means “relief or a reprieve”. Solace stands for peace and tranquillity. A relief from our day-to-day tension ridden life. Amidst greenery and nature's freshness, Solace is perfect for the rejuvenation of the body , mind and soul. The Solace philosophy addresses the whole person- mind, body and soul.

Our approach is not prescriptive. We recognize the interdependence of the physical, mental and the spiritual and work towards their equilibrium. We believe in the philosophy of balance - between exercise and relaxation, between traditional practice and complementary wisdom, between the conventional and the innovative. We help create a solid basis of well being that can cope with the best and the worst the world has to offer. We believe in providing our members with relevant, contemporary and up to date information on fitness and healthy living.

With this in mind we have tied up with leaders in each area of operation thereby providing an added value to our esteemed members.

Yashodhara Khaitan

Lastest News

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  • Day and Evening makeup looks to be demonstrated in each session


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